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Tax Preparation

Lauteria & King does more than just put numbers on a tax form.  A large part of tax preparation is asking the right questions to determine opportunities for both current tax savings and future tax planning.  A partner will always review every tax return prepared by Lauteria & King to verify accuracy and completeness and search for those additional tax saving and planning ideas.

We can provide the following products and services...

  • For both businesses and individuals, Lauteria & King can prepare Federal and State tax returns for all 50 states and their local jurisdictions.  Lauteria & King personnel have over 50 years experience preparing complex individual, corporate, partnership, trust, estate, pension plan and non-profit tax returns.
  • Lauteria & King is experienced with the preparation and filing of foreign corporation and partnership information returns and the issues relating to U.S. investment in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Tax document organizers are provided for individual tax preparers.  These organizers help you gather information and documents, and result in the efficient preparation and analysis of your tax return.  For those who prefer using a computer, the organizers can be provided in an electronic format.
  • Your business or personal income tax return will be electronically filed to ensure the tax return is received and accurately processed by the IRS.  If you are due a refund, electronic filing will reduce waiting time by 4 to 6 weeks.  
  • If you need assistance with updating your books and records in order to prepare a tax return, let our bookkeeping department provide you with cost-effective bookkeeping services.
  • If you have payroll and need administrative assistance, Lauteria & King provides a full range of payroll reporting services including preparation of all Federal and State quarterly and annual reports and forms.

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