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Tax Planning

Lauteria & King provides both long-term and annual tax planning services for both individuals and business entities.  For many small business owners, tax planning for their business is the major part of their personal tax planning, and we will integrate and coordinate their business and individual tax planning.

Some basic business tax planning may include the following...

  • Selection of Business Entity - The decision regarding the appropriate business entity can have a significant impact on the tax planning of the owners.  Whether to form a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership is an important initial decision and is often difficult or costly to change if inappropriate selections were made.
  • Tax Elections - There are many special tax elections that should be considered when initially forming a business entity or engaging in a new type of business transaction.  We will advise you of appropriate elections and alternatives.
  • Accounting Methods - The selection of a tax accounting method is also made during the first year of operations and is a critically important part of long-term tax planning strategies.  Certain types of businesses may have unique tax savings methods available to them and we can advise you of these tax savings opportunities.
  • Pension & Profit Sharing Plans - Lauteria & King will analyze the options and present alternatives that can maximize the benefits for owner employees.
  • Employee Benefits - We will assist you with planning tax effective employee benefit programs such as Cafeteria Plans and Health Insurance Savings Accounts.
  • Tax Credits - We will advise you regarding the availability of applicable business tax credits.
  • Transaction Planning - The appropriate tax structure for major business transactions and property sales can result in substantial tax savings.
  • Taxable Income Deferral - Lauteria & King will discuss with you techniques for deferring income and accelerating deductions.

Some basic individual tax planning may include the following...

  • Retirement Planning - Includes planning distributions and conversion options to lower your tax liability.
  • Charitable Giving - Planning gifts of appreciated property, such as stocks or real estate.  These types of gifts are almost always more tax beneficial than cash gifts.
  • Itemized Deductions - Lauteria & King will search for all available deductions and provide advice regarding the timing of deduction payments.
  • Capital Gains - Lauteria & King can help you plan capital gain and loss recognition, gain deferrals using like-kind exchanges, and avoid hidden tax traps.
  • Alternative Minimum Tax - Our firm can help you avoid or mitigate the alternative minimum tax.
  • Investment Decisions - We can provide guidance regarding the use of certain tax efficient investments involving non-taxable income and tax credits.
  • Other Tax Credits - Lauteria & King can help you plan to effectively use applicable non-business tax credits.

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