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Tax Problem Resolution

Lauteria & King will assist you and/or your business when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or State Taxing Agencies.  Often, problems merely result from a misunderstanding, the failure to file or correctly file a form, or mathematical errors.  These types of issues are easily corrected, and we can deal directly with the IRS to efficiently resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, more serious problems can result from non-payment, non-filing, and incorrectly prepared tax returns.  Lauteria & King can be your authorized representative and take over all communication with Taxing Authorities.  In most cases, you will never need to speak to the IRS or State Agency.  We cannot promise every problem will be eliminated, but we can promise you will receive quality professional representation with diligent attention to your individual needs.

Listed below are some of the more common IRS issues and problems you may encounter and how we may be able to help.

  • IRS Income Tax Return Audits - As licensed CPAs, we can officially represent our clients and handle all communication with the IRS.  Lauteria & King will be your advocate and work diligently for the best possible outcome.  Most audits can be completed without requiring the client meet with the IRS.
  • Installment Agreement - If you owe taxes that cannot be currently paid, we can explain your payment options and negotiate an installment payment plan.
  • Offers in Compromise - If your financial situation indicates insufficient resources to pay your tax liability, you may be a candidate for a reduction or elimination of your tax liability.  Lauteria & King can assist you with filing the necessary forms and documentation to request a reduction of your tax liability.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief - If you owe taxes due to the misdeeds of a current or former spouse, you may be eligible for tax relief.  Talk to us about your situation and how Lauteria & King can help.
  • Payroll Tax Problems - Non-payment of payroll taxes can result in severe penalties and generally results in swift legal action by the IRS.  Your business can be closed; and if you are deemed a responsible party, your personal assets are also at risk.  Lauteria & King can guide you through the many enforcement issues and help protect you against unwarranted actions by the IRS.
  • Non-Filing and Late Filing - If you owe taxes, you are only making matters worse by failing to file a complete and accurate tax return.  Non-filing and late filing will result in significant civil monetary penalties and can ultimately lead to criminal penalties.  To help avoid criminal penalties, we can assist you with filing late returns; and monetary penalties can be removed if you have reasonable cause.

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